9 Actionable Tips for Designing Your Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is the 7th largest social media platform in the world with over 444 million monthly active users.

Moreover, more than 80% of users on Pinterest say that they are always finding something to purchase. This Means Pinterest could help you get the best audience for your small business.

But, there are over 240 billion pins saved on Pinterest.

So, you need to be unique and creative while creating your pins to stand out from the crowd. 

If you want your content to get noticed and shared, you need to craft beautiful pins that stand out from the crowd.

These are the 9 best designing tips that will help you in the success of your Pinterest marketing and increase Pinterest user engagement.

Nine ways to Design your Pinterest Pins to look Amazing

A Pinterest pins contains several elements that are useful to look credible and engaging such as- [Background / Title / Subheading / Your logo / Design Elements / Call to Action]

Let’s discuss in detail how to make your Pinterest pins more engaging and click-worthy.

  1. Use Background Images Carefully

As we know, Pinterest is an image search engine.

So creating compelling and narrative pins is needful. When you’re designing a pin, you want to make sure that the image itself is eye-catching and memorable. 

Most of the time, warm and light backgrounds work great with a text overlay describing what your pins are about.

You can easily get free backgrounds on Canva or Pexels and always reduce the transparency of your background to make your pins look great.

You can also use vectors as your background to stand out from the rest as vectors look more appealing and are not used very much on Pinterest.

Check out my Pinterest profile to see my vector backgrounds.

Pro Tip– Your background should not cover more than 40% of your pin size as it helps in making your text above the image readable and clutter-free.

  1. Get Crazy With Fonts

Text overlay and fonts in the pins help the users to know what your pin is about.

Using stylish and bold fonts could help you to get more user engagement on your pins.

Pinterest is much more like a search engine like Google than social media.

So you need to focus that you should not be using too many handwriting fonts for your main keywords as Pinterest search engines could not read that font and hence, lower rankings.

Use a large font size for your text as most Pinterest users are mobile users. You need to make sure that your pins text is readable by users in the feed.

Below are some of our tested and handpicked Canva fonts for better pin performance.

  • Lovelo and Glacial Indifference
  • Lemon Tuesday and Old Standard
  • Yellow Tail and Nunito Bold
  • Raleway Heavy and Muli 

3. Follow Pinterest Recommended Pin Sizes

Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it’s important to be aware of the recommended sizes of different Pinterest posts & pins. 

As otherwise if you use different image sizes, your pins could truncate on different devices spoiling the user engagement.

And it will also help in diminishing your pins from search results as Pinterest would reward the users who follow the recommended practices.

Choosing the correct dimension will make your Pinterest Pins responsive and suitable to view from any device be it mobile, pc or tablet. 

  • use Vertical pins in [2:3], i.e. 1000 x 1500
  • for Board cover images use [1:1], i.e. 600 x 600 
  • for the idea and story pins use 1080 x 1920 i.e. [9:16]
  • for any Video pins, it should be [Square-1:1 / or Vertical- 9:16 / 2:3]

Check the Pinterest size guide to knowing more about specs and the pin-safe zones so that your text is not cut or ill-fitted on the feed.

4. Add Graphics and Illustrations

You can use graphics and illustrations to add interest to your pin. Try to keep it simple, use graphics that are relevant to your pin, but don’t go overboard with them. 

For example, if your pins are about food recipes, there’s no point to use graphics and images of animals in them.

It not only looks weird to the audience, but the Pinterest algorithms can also watch the images used, and hence using related images could help you look better in eyes of the algorithms.

So, if you are pinning about food recipes, you can use graphics of delicious foods and more.

As such, if you are writing about SaaS products, you can indulge them in your pins.

If you have too many images on your pins, people may feel overwhelmed and lose interest in looking at all of them at once.

So, don’t overload your pins with tons of images. Use simple and unique images to enrich your pins. 

5- Use Dominant & Contrasting Colors

Avoid using too dark or too light colors on Pinterest. Mild and warm colors work great on Pinterest.

According to a study, the most engaging colors for Pinterest are orange, green, red, and brown. 

Using multiple color combinations as the background or layout will make your pins decent and the chances for re-pins will increase. Always try to keep your background spare by having a light color combination using the above-prescribed colors. 

One more thing, the majority of Pinterest users are females. Using colors like pink, purple or yellow could also help greatly.

6- Add Text Overlay to Your Pin Images

Use this modern method to make your Pinterest pins stand out, and are different from others. 

Adding additional information or title text above the background of the pins makes your pins more engaging and informative.

Use text overlay in a way that it’s clearly visible and use colors that are not irritating to the eye.

For example, if your background is blue using red color for text would make it difficult to read and also irritating to the eyes.

Hence, use color combinations that are eye-friendly like white over blue as in the below image.

7- Keep your Designs Unique

Pinterest Algorithm has now become more strict and smart through its constant update of algorithm related to Pinterest pins rankings in the feed. 

We would suggest do not copy or create the same Pinterest designs. Instead, you can create your custom designs instantly by using Canva for free.

As if you are copying the designs of others, Pinterest will easily know about that and it punishes the users by removing their content from the results.

8. Branding In Your Pin Designs

Having your personalized brand logo, tag lines & watermarks creates your brand presence. 

Pinterest itself recommends that you should use your logo in your pin designs to let users know about your brand.

It also helps in preventing your pin designs from being copied by others as if someone would use that image, your watermark or logo would be helping only to get new users to know about your brand.

9. Create Pin Designs Focusing On Mobile Users 

More than 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile devices.

Make sure to audit your design on the mobile and make sure that the design of your pin is responsive on every device by using recommended pin ratio i.e 2:3

This helps in targeting each audience & to get positive viewer engagement on your profile. 

The best way to create pin designs specially focused on mobile users is to make pin designs from mobile itself.


We hope these tips help your pins stand out from the crowd. 

With so many pins on Pinterest, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and forget about your own content. But with a little thought and effort, you can bring your pins to life and make them memorable for anyone who visits your profile!

If you have any doubts, let me know in the comments below.

Guest Author Bio- Jatin Bansal is a digital marketing expert and founder at Discoverthetech where he shares actionable tips to get highly targeted traffic and turn your blog into a profit-making machine. Follow him on LinkedIn to take your blog to next level.


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