Logo Shapes: Choose Wisely to Give Your Brand a New Look

Beyond only being visually appealing, logo shapes can function as a tone-setter for your company.

According to studies on visual communication, certain forms have associations in the human brain that can magnify a message’s impact on a target audience.

Your logo’s shape conveys a lot of information about your company. Customers can use it to determine if you are approachable, serious, creative, scientific, conventional, or cutting-edge. Create a pertinent, significant, and simple logo design to recognize by taking the time to thoroughly analyze and comprehend the ramifications that logo shapes can have on your clients’ emotions, habits, and behaviours.

The many logo shapes will be discussed in this article, along with examples, advice, and uses for them in logo design concepts.

What Are Logo Shapes & Why Do they Matter in Making a Great Logo for Your Brand?

Logo shapes are the primary geometric forms used to create a logo.

The most common logo shapes include circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

Each logo shape has unique connotations and associations, impacting how consumers perceive your brand.

Logo shapes can also be combined to create more complex designs that convey multiple messages and associations.

When choosing a logo shape, it’s essential to consider your brand’s values, personality, and target audience and the practical considerations of how the logo will be used across different media.

A great logo should be simple, memorable, and versatile, regardless of the shape used.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to create a logo that resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your brand’s message and identity.

6 Different Types of Logo Shapes that Brands Need

– Circle logos

A common logo choice is a circle because no corners or points exist. Because they are rounded and spherical, circles naturally differ from most other shapes. Circles can represent stability, continuity, and protection in addition to being connected with femininity.

Circular shapes, whether ellipses, ovals, or round, work well as brand placeholders. They stand for continuity, security, dependability, completeness, and excellence.

– Rectangular or Square Logos

Squares and rectangles blend assertiveness and balance in a more straightforward style.

Since they are associated with items like houses, safes, and boxes where things are kept safe, rectangles are frequently considered a symbol of dependability and toughness.

– Triangle logos

Triangular logos are among the most prominent since they indicate a clear goal. They could represent various concepts, including aspiration, concentration, mysticism, science, knowledge, wisdom, edge, excellence, performance, and challenge.

– Organic Logo Shapes

Organic-shaped logos, in contrast to other designs with clearly defined edges and traits, are intended to mimic the organically existing geometry of the real world. Although these organic designs lack the clarity of geometric shapes, they draw inspiration from various objects and imagery to produce a more distinctive brand symbol.

– Vertical and horizontal logos

Strong, bravery, dominance, and progress are all represented by vertical lines and shapes. They are frequently created to lead the eye in a certain direction dynamically.

A series of vertical lines can also deceive the eye into believing a form is narrower than it is, whereas horizontal orientations give the impression that a picture is bigger. Horizontal lines are related to speed, cohesion, and peace.

– Abstract logo shapes

Abstract logo forms work well for firms who want to stand out. They provide artists with the freedom to be distinctive and design their very own shape and form.

While some consumers can find it challenging to decipher abstract logos, they always have a hidden message.

Tips to Craft a Powerful Logo Shape

Crafting a powerful logo shape is a crucial aspect of branding that can help establish a company’s identity and communicate its values to potential customers. Here are some tips for creating an impactful logo shape:

– Understand how humans view logo shapes

It’s essential to understand how humans view logo shapes. Research suggests that people process visual information quickly and respond emotionally to shapes. Therefore, creating an easily recognizable shape that elicits a positive emotional response can be beneficial.

– Understand shape psychology

Understanding shape psychology is also essential. Different shapes can convey different emotions and associations. For example, circles evoke community and unity, while triangles suggest strength and stability. Employing the right shape can help communicate the company’s values and message to potential customers.

– Employ negative space

Using negative space effectively can make a logo shape more memorable and impactful. A logo can convey multiple meanings and create a more sophisticated design by incorporating hidden shapes or symbols into the negative space.

– Apply shape psychology

Lastly, applying shape psychology when creating a logo can help evoke a specific emotion or association in the viewer. Combining different shapes can create a unique and powerful logo, effectively communicating the desired message.

That’s why crafting a powerful logo shape requires understanding how humans view shapes, shape psychology, effective use of negative space, and applying shape psychology to evoke a desired emotion or association.


So Finally, choosing the right logo shape is crucial for any business looking to create a unique and memorable brand. The shape of a logo can communicate a lot about a company’s values, personality, and message, making it important to choose wisely. 

By considering factors such as the target audience, industry, and brand message, LogoPeople can help you to select a logo shape that effectively conveys your brand identity. Whether it’s a classic circular logo or a more abstract geometric shape, the right logo shape can help businesses stand out in a crowded market and make a lasting impression on customers. So take the time to choose wisely and give your brand a new look that truly represents who you are.


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