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The definitive guide to designing coffee packaging

There are so many people who have named coffee as their beverage that they prefer, there’s not surprising that that its consumption topped over 160 million 60kg bags during the past year. This means that there is a lot of competition and distinguishing yourself from the crowd can be an uphill task. Your coffee packaging must grab the attention of your customers and convey an engaging story about your brand and all the while keeping your coffee’s quality. In this article we’ll go over the components of a great coffee packaging. We’ll also give tips on how to design a good product and provide some tips on what patterns to keep an eye for in the coffee packaging.

The importance of good packaging for coffee

The design of your packaging is essential to increase brand recognition and helps you distinguish yourself from other brands to attract new customers as well as keep your existing ones.

However, the most efficient coffee packaging can do more than simply attracting customers. It must safeguard your coffee during it’s journey from your warehouse where it is roasted to the hands of your customer and also keep the beans fresh and of good quality for as long as is feasible.

When these goals are met when they are, then a good coffee packaging can do its primary task: it gives consumers a product they enjoy and trust. Additionally you’ll want to meet these objectives in a sustainable and appealing, yet informative manner. Don’t be stressed!

Let’s review of the most important aspects and components of a good package design for coffee.

Important considerations to consider when packaging coffee-Key considerations for packaging coffee

There are some things to think about before making the coffee container. Consider what the materials used in the packaging will safeguard the coffee you are serving and whether you’ll be using eco-friendly materials for your packaging. Only then can you select the right packaging that is most effectively for you.

Types of packaging

There are many packaging options that you can choose from. Understanding the different formats will aid you in deciding which will best suit your coffee.

Side-fold pouches

Side-fold pouches have creases at the sides, so that they are able to be flat folded once empty and expand once full. They are among the most popular packaging options for coffee items. Typically, they come with an tin tie on the top of the cup to keep the freshness of your coffee.

Quad-seal bags

The bags with quad seals are like side-fold pouches. They’re usually sealed from all sides, giving their edges more prominent and appear more rectangular as opposed to their side-fold counterparts.

Bags with flat bottoms

Like the name implies flat-bottom bags are made with an elongated base, so they sit by themselves. This is a fantastic option to showcase your coffee, particularly when you’re competing with other brands of coffee in the stores. Resealing options for resealing differ, but the most common are a zipper that is resealable, or a fold using the help of a tie made from tin.


Also called a stand-up bag the packaging style can sit in its own. Although it sounds similar to flat-bottom bags doypacks usually have two sides to the packaging, while flat-bottom bags usually come with five sides. Doypacks are cheaper to make than flat-bottom bags, however they’re less durable and don’t have enough space to display your company’s message.Further more about the logo design quires checkout colourist logo.


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