Why Use a Custom Content Management System (CMS)

There are hundreds, if not hundreds of open-source CMS that are searchable on the Internet in the present. What makes anyone with rational thinking recommend a customized CMS?

The answer is both easy as well as complex.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a small budget and wanted to stay small, I wouldn’t tell you to utilize an individual CMS. Actually, I’d recommend against any system with a proprietary design and even one designed specifically for a particular website. The reason is that if you were to purchase an entirely custom CMS to get much more than what you may use. Additionally, you’d be having to create a new system for the features of a brochure-ware website. I’d rather consider putting the money towards making your site stand out in terms of design and search engine marketing. Most of the websites that are available on the Internet are in this category. They don’t require additional features that a basic page management system or blogs such as WordPress or Drupal provides. We even provide WordPress development services to clients who fall in this category.

The lines start to get blurred as we begin talking about websites that perform at a high level. The lines get even more blurred when you discuss custom-designed user-facing features as well as integration into back-office systems. When you require custom-designed features typically, the idea of a custom CMS starts to make sense.

In the example we used the previous paragraph, WordPress and Drupal are excellent Content Management Systems. They can provide decent performance from these systems with a little effort to configure and deploy maintenance, as well as purchasing additional hardware, or setting up reserved instances that can handle spikes in traffic and generally bring it to submission. But at its core, it’s merely a way to control a standard website which is simply an assortment of pages. Would you consider using WordPress (or something similar to that) in order to control something similar to Facebook? No! No! This is due to the fact that Facebook offers custom functions and features that aren’t included in a standard site.

High-performance websites, be they informative or eCommerce, takes more work than a typical site: they are custom software with an extremely strict list of specifications for performance as well as responsiveness and SEO capabilities. The time and effort spent altering another CMS to work how you’d like it to work and working at the performance level demanded would produce an unsatisfactory product that often is longer than creating it from the ground up.

Search Engine Optimization and the CMS that you choose

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization plays the main factor in the success of any website, therefore planning your SEO strategy prior to deciding on the best CMS is crucial. Certain CMSs come with specific URL structures, provide specific plug-ins and may be suitable for a particular type of site, but not be able to handle a different type of site (say one that is a content site, vs. an eCommerce website) extremely efficiently. There are numerous WordPress SEO plugins, and we’ve discovered WordPress to work pretty well for websites that are content-based. Magento can be described as an online shopping cart, and CMS we’ve found extremely difficult to use. Magento SEO campaigns often require lots of “fixing” of core code structures and the reworking of the fundamentals structure of how it was that the CMS was constructed. Take a look at the CMS you’re considering to permit you to implement the SEO method you or your SEO business, have in your mind.

Then, how does it make more sense rather than a pre-made CMS?

In the beginning, you’re breaking down the concept that the CMS that you’re using was created to be used for. That is, you’re investing time resources, effort, as well as money to make the round peg work into a square-shaped hole. It’s all about the possibility of extensibility (“It’s made on Drupal! Plug-ins are available !”), but the majority of the time, you’ll end up with a website that is fragile in terms of design and looks like Frankenstein’s monster at the backend. A custom CMS lets you build an online presence that is tailored to YOUR company, YOUR workflow, and YOUR requirements and not those that others consider essential.

We design websites that provide more efficiency, integration, and flexibility than any pre-packaged CMS can offer in-box. We design websites that are customized to your industry and provide you the flexibility and performance that you require to provide your customers with content-rich and relevant outcomes with a superior user experience. All of this wouldn’t be possible with Drupal and WordPress without substantial development resources. Also, it must be noted, a significant portion of the time that we plan to spend isn’t creating new things from the ground up that have already been invented. In any CMS that we create, we’re not going to build the world’s first editors for the WYSIWYG. We are aware that there are viable solutions for working units within the application that save development both time and money and function as well, or even better than what we can develop within the scope of the project. The foundation engine we base all our websites on has been thoroughly evaluated, optimized, and battle-tested on high-traffic websites.

We’ll be spending less time working within the confines of a solution that does not match your company’s needs, and more time constructing something that will allow you to stand out from every other website on the market.

The most intriguing aspect is this? We’re experts in many built-in CMS products. We love Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. We also enjoy presenting our opinion on which solution is ideal for our clients in collaboration with them to give the best solution for their needs. If you only require the features that Drupal provides with a custom-designed design and SEO hard-core work we can help and have the necessary experience. If you’re looking for something more custom, high-performance beautiful, and attractive as we suggested we can help you with the same.

The bottom line is that both solutions require both design and development. Our SEO, design, and development expertise is better than most agencies across the nation and many of the biggest companies have spoken our favor. We are experts in what we do. We’ve successfully executed this previously. We’re here to help you take your brand to the place it deserves to be at the highest level.


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