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Colouristlogo.com is all set to provide you with the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Write for us as guests and make a valuable contribution to our blog. Here is all you need to know about posting a guest article:

How do I submit a Guest Post?

Pitch your idea to us. Every once a month we review all the submitted pitches and choose the one that suits our publishing criteria the best. However, if you do not receive any news from us, it just means that your submitted pitch was not what we were looking for. 

On the other hand, if you do find yourself receiving the good news through email, it means we are ready to assign you an editor for your first writing task. We advise our guest writers to either modify the existing articles or opt for something completely out of the box.

What should I write about?

Our target content is design-focused which means that it should entail inspiration, creativity tips, and branding. Our target audience is freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-publishing authors which is why we need powerful words to drive courage into the minds of readers.

We usually opt for articles that are well-versed and entail encouraging content. One that offers practical advice and tips to the readers. You can write for us in the following categories:

  • Design basics
  • Design tutorials
  • Design resources
  • Logo & branding
  • Web & digital design
  • Packaging and label design
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Book design
  • Art & illustration
  • Other types of design
  • Design inspiration
  • Design history & movements
  • Famous design & designers
  • Creative thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Business resources

Business-centric and Entrepreneurship articles should include design-related content.


What are regular contributors and how can I become one?

We put our faith in the writers that regularly contribute to our cause and are fairly good at their jobs. These are writers that have written for us on several occasions. Not only do we continue to work with them but they also earn relatively more money for each time they write for us. Our regular contributors also get the opportunity to work on assignments with us.

We do not impose strict policies for writers who wish to become regular contributors. We look for writers that are capable of improvising assignments and adding strength and creativity to the articles. Once the number of publishes reaches 3 for any guest writer, we offer them to become our regular contributors. 

What is a good article?

A good article:
- Is the one you have a stronghold on.
- Is well-versed for readers to understand.
- Contains useful advice and tangible facts.
- Is free of grammatical errors or misspellings.
- Contains visuals that are well-designed and appropriate for the readers. (On visual after every 250 words)
- Is user-friendly but concrete.
- Is worth sharing on social platforms after completion.

Here you can find some finest articles on our blog:

  1. Articcle 1
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  3. Article 3

what do you expect from us once my pitch is accepted?

  • Once you become our regular contributor, we expect you to deliver articles on time. We usually send a brief and expect to receive the article within a week. 
  • Share the article across social platforms for better engagement.
  • Make modifications advised by our editors.
  • Source the visuals used in the article (we will provide you the necessary guidelines)
Do authors get?

Absolutely! We make sure that each author is paid for the article that has been published.

The companies are not paid for any contribution to our blog. Read the details below:

Do you allow companies to guest blog or do content swaps?

We do! Your company can pitch to us and enlighten us with your idea. If the pitch is accepted, you will work with us as any other guest writer which means that you will, rewrite, edit, and make changes demanded by the editors. Please note that if needed, we may modify the final version of the article and include at least two outbound links to your site.

You can mention your site in the “anything else we should know” section if you wish to do content swaps.

We only publish infographics that are designed on our site colouristlogo.com.

Do you syndicate content?

Currently, we are not practicing content syndication.

Contact: colouristlogo@gmail.com